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Junagadh Corporation
Junagadh, Gujarat, India
Junagadh City information - Junagadh Hotels, Schools, Pincode, Banks & ATMs, Corporation, Railway, Bus, Travels, Tourist Places, Spiritual Places and Junagadh Directory.
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Junagadh , Gujarat, India

Junagadh is an ancient and famous tourism city of Gujarat, INDIA with various interesting and attractive places.  The ancient city has many eye catching monuments which reminds its great history. These monuments are there since era of rulers and are now famous attractions of tourists. Millions of tourists from across the world come to Junagadh every year in various seasons and occasions.  Junagadh is a place of pilgrimage and has produced a number of saints in its long history. The most famous being the Gujarati saint-poet, Narsinha Mehta.  Best season to visit Junagadh is between October to April.

Note: Girnar Lili Parikrama will start on 3rd November 2014 (Ekadashi) and ends on 7th November 2014(Punam). So the entry to the route will be given on 3rd Novmber 2014 and will be closed after 7th November 2014. This information is kept on the basis of dates on which this festival falls and might be changed.


Junagadh City Status

21°31′N 70°28′E
107 m (351 ft) above mean sea level
168,686 (2001 Census) 225,000 (2007)
* Male Population
52% of population
*Female Population
48% of population
*Child Population(Under 6 years of age)
*Average Literacy Rate
*National Average Literacy Rate
*Male Literacy>
*Female Literacy
Postal Code
362 00x
Municipal Corporation
Since 2004
Telephone Country + City Code
91 + 285
Vehicle Registration Code
Time Zone
IST (UTC+5:30)
Average Rainfall
775.0 mm +/- 10%
Monsoon Rainfall Average
680 mm
Monsoon Months
June, July, August, September
*   Source Census of India. 2001 & Figures published thereafter.


how to reach junagadh?

By Air - There is an airport in Keshod (37Kms. from Junagadh) and the major domestic airlines run flights between Keshod and Mumbai.

By Rail - Regular trains connect Junagadh to other important cities in Gujarat and India. There are trains for Jabalpur, Pune and Trivenndrum from Junagadh. There is also a meter-gauge service to Delvada and broad-gauge to Veraval and Rajkot.

By Road - The State Transport Corporation runs regular buses to and from Junagadh to other cities of Gujarat. There are a number of private bus services connecting to other cities of Gujarat as well.

Radha Mehta, Junagadh Sadbhavna Mission

Mahendrabhai Mashru (M.L.A.)
A very good website dedicated to this ancient city. It covers all the aspects of tourist sites, educational institutions , commercial and industrial centres, information relating to corporation and various facilities. It is a very handy tool to find out any information about this city and its surroundings. Very adorable efforts made by its creators.
Dr. Jitendra Daadhe - Paediatric Surgeon
Great Achievement
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